History of the Book of Zephaniah
The Day of the Lord, the coming day of the Lord is a time of sovereign judgment followed by great blessing, to those that believe. Judah stands condemned , but God will restore the fortunes of the remnant. Zephaniah traced his heritage back four generations to Hezekiah. If this is the godly King Hezekiah; Zephaniah is the only minor prophet of royal descent. He was probably an inhabitant of Judah's royal city because of his use of the phrase "this place" in Zephaniah 1:4. A factor in the reform that occurs during Josiah's reign that produced an outward change but did not fully remove the inward heart of corruption which characterizes the nations was probably a result of Zephaniah's forceful prophecy. The message of the day of the Lord, "judgment day", is repeated over and over . God is holy and must vindicate His righteousness by calling all the nations of the world into account before Him. He will judge not only His own people but also the whole world. No one escapes from His authority and dominion. The day of the Lord will have universal impact. To some degree that day has already come for Judah and all the nations mentioned in chapter 2:4-15, but there is also a future aspect, when all the earth will be judged that hasn't come yet!